Whether it’s manufacturing a wing to keep a F1 car on the track or a wing to keep an Airbus A380 in the air, JOBS is your partner for 5-axis complex parts.  High speed machining of a wide range of materials from composites, resins, aluminium or through to tool steels, JOBS has a vertical machine to suit your large parts. A range of machine capacities and modular components are available to allow JOBS to configure the best solution for your manufacturing needs.  Gear driven and motor spindle heads, indexing or full CNC, with coolant or dry cutting, all of these can be provided on table type, double table type, gantry style or high rail machines. Patented systems including laser hardening, peening and sandwich drilling units can be integrated in your production machine cutting out ancillary operations, reducing your lead times and manufacturing costs. JOBS, Affordable High Performance Machines.


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