Hessapp VDM Vertical Turning Centre can be tailored to suit customers requirments for turning, grinding, milling and drilling of large scale rotational componentd

VDM 550 to VDM 2000
Highly rigid and powerful Vertical Turning Centre with the highest accuracy derived from a highly rigid machine base. Thermal stability is assured due to the symmetrically design mineral base casting. This versatile machine can be configured to incorporate technologies such as Turning, Milling/Drilling, Grinding, Hard-turning and Gear machining.

  • Maximum Swing – Ø680mm to Ø1,950mm
  • Maximum Turning Dia’ – Ø600mm to Ø1,900mm
  • Maximum Workpiece Height – 600mm to 830mm
  • Spindle Power – 80kW to 165kW
  • Y-axis Traverse – ± 150mm
  • B-axis Traverse – ± 105°
  • Versatile Single or Twin carriage machine design
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