JOBS Speeder and GrandSpeeder – medium to large capacity overhead gantry 5-axes milling machines

The Speeder is the new family of medium to large size overhead gantry milling machines with high dynamic performance developed for the Automotive and Aerospace market sectors. Designed for machining aluminium and composite materials, the Speeder can be specified with any one of a number of 2-axis twist heads to suit specific requirements. The Speeder combines twin pinion linear drives with rotary torque motors for the A- and C-axes in order to achieve the best possible dynamic performance.

  • X-axis traverse – 3,000mm to 7,500mm +Ext’ per 1,500mm
  • Y-axis traverse – 2,000mm to 6,500mm
  • Z-axis traverse – 1,200mm to 3,000mm
  • C-axis – ±200°
  • A-axis – +120° to -110 °
  • Spindle power – 20kW to 40kW
  • Spindle Speed – 24,000rpm to 30,000rpm

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