JOBS Tarkus – for high power and high torque machining of very tough materials in 3- and 5-axes configurations.

Tarkus is the 5-axis vertical milling centre specifically configured to perform high-power and high torque machining operations on very tough materials such as Inconel, High Alloys Steels and Titanium for the Aerospace, Rail, and high precision general engineering sectors.

The unique elevating Crossrail design eliminates the requirement for a Z-axis Ram, thereby providing superior structural rigidity and vibration damping capability.

  • X-axis traverse – 3,300mm to 4,500mm +Ext’ per 1,500mm
  • Y-axis traverse – 2,100mm to 2,600mm
  • Z-axis traverse – 1,000mm
  • C-axis – 360° Continuous
  • A-axis – +110° to -10° Continuous
  • Spindle power – 40kW to 60kW
  • Torque – 3,100Nm to 63Nm
  • Spindle Speed – 3,000rpm to 27,000rpm

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