Waldrich Siegen is a world leader in manufacturing heavy-duty machine tools

For large part production their products, ProfiMill, ProfiTurn H and ProfiTurn V are characterized by outstanding precision, performance and reliability. As a specialist in customizing machine tools to customer’s needs or developing new machine concepts, Waldrich Siegen covers a wide range of special purpose solutions alone or in partnership with UnionChemnitz, their sister company in the Herkules Group. Waldrich Siegen. Power and strength.

ProfiMill Portal – Based on decades of experience and exemplary know-how, Waldrich Siegen has revolutionized its successful milling machine concept. The result is a portal milling machine line setting standards in the market with regard to precision and performance.

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ProfiTurn Horizontal – Waldrich Siegen horizontal turning lathes, ProfiTurn H, are the ideal machine tools for precise and efficient machining of rotation symmetric workpieces with a diameter of up to 7 m, a length of 30 m and a weight of 500 tons. Waldrich Siegen offers ProfiTurn H optionally as a turn-milling machine with an integrated milling unit or as a crankshaft lathe.

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ProfiTurn M Horizontal – The mill-turning machine ProfiTurn M has been designed specifically for the complete machining of complex, rotationally symmetrical workpieces. Both turning and milling units, as well as boring and grinding units can be attached to the Masterhead interface located at the milling tower. The result is highest efficiency. All stages of the machining process are performed on a single machine and multiple set-ups, which are both elaborate and costly, are reduced.

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