The Witzig and Frank rotary transfer machine program comprehensively covers all aspects of serial production of complex metallic components required in high volume. All machines can be configured for the handling of raw material in bar, coil or automatic feeding of individual cubic components. Witzig and Frank assure high precision machining of each workpiece carried out simultaneously on each station. Each machine is individually tailored and customised to suit the components to be produced. The ability to configure both horizontal and vertical workstations allows for production of complex components with the highest output on a just in time basis.

Witzig & Frank Turmat – 6 – 12 station vertical rotary transfer machine incorporating turning, milling, grinding, honing inspection and assembly.


Witzig & Frank LSA – 6 – 10 station horizontally configured rotary transfer machine for 3 – 5 sided machining of complex components


Witzig & Frank Uniflex – Highly flexible rotary transfer machine with loading / unloading parallel to machine process


Witzig & Frank Triflex – Highly flexible rotary transfer machine with 6 stations and 5 machining unit with 8 spindles each.

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